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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Work With What You've Got

I did a fashion show at the Fabric Lab last year and had this beautiful little black dress I knew that I wanted to put in the show, but for whatever reason I simply was not inspired by it. Each girl had three outfits to wear and her first outfit was fairly conservative, with the styling becoming a little more fun and out there as the show progressed.
This dress as a third outfit was pretty, but certainly not fun or out there. What to do?
Cut to my fiance sending me a gorgeous photo spread of women wearing all sorts of elaborate outfits, one of which involved an Elizabethan ruff. Cut to me eyeing my daughter's lovely little tulle tutu while thinking about that pretty black dress. How's about melding the two...?
Fun? Check! Out there? CHECK! Ready to rock? You know it, baby!
Styling does not always come easily. Sometimes it is agonizingly slow and headache inducing in the process. But if you stick with it, inspiration can and will come. Sometimes it's in a photo spread, sometimes it's part of a toy collection. But it is always already on it's way. Work with what you've got and be prepared to wow yourself with what you can do.