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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coming Soon!

Today was a big day. I took a leap and invested in some pieces that I just could not pass on. When I contacted the woman who was offering the pieces for sale, my intention was to help her find another buyer for the lot, as she was asking more than I had ever ventured to pay for an entire lot of vintage clothes-- no matter how lovely. When she walked in my door with the pieces that she had available for sale, I just about fell over. My hands were shaking as I sifted through her lovely dresses, coats and suits--everything was just so lovely.
The exquisite collection that I was viewing belonged to a woman who started buying vintage when she was in high school and had held onto her collection for over 20 years. As the stay at home mother of 3 special needs kids, she'd determined that she had to either sell her collection or her car. She told me that her lovely clothes were the only things of value that she had left to sell.
It was hard for me to take the pieces from her, as I could tell that she loved her beautiful collection, but I hope that the limited amount that I was able to offer her will truly be a help to her family. Someday, I hope to be able to offer them even more help. I'd like to put together a benefit fashion show and donate part of the proceeds to her family. Until then, I will just keep them all in my thoughts and prayers. Her name is Jill. It would be great if anyone reading this would pray for her too. Thank you.
Here are some pictures of just a few of the pieces that I purchased today. I will be posting items from this lot on my Etsy and Ebay stores. Please let me know if anything catches your eye. I want each of these lovely pieces to find a home as soon as possible.
Please excuse the terrible pictures. I'm a stylist, not a photographer! I have a low-key (read: I'm taking the pics!) photo shoot planned for some time this weekend with my favorite model, Hannah (she is pictured at the top of the blog), so I will have pictures of these outfits on a live person very soon. I can't wait to see what they look like on Hannah instead of on my battered and misshapen dress form.

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Anonymous said...

I was browsing your website because I came across for your give away and I will be posting a link on my blog shorthly.

But I came across this post and I think the clothes are stunning. Eventhough Im not able to afford them Im still hoping they will find a good home/buyer and Im saying a prayer for Jill.