Thriftonista (TM- trademark) is a term I coined to describe a girl who recognizes that being fashionable is not about how much money you spend but about spending your money on clothes that allow you to express your own unique sense of style while looking great, feeling fabulous and still being able to pay those bills!
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TaRosa Jacobs
The Thriftonista

Monday, October 22, 2007

$45, negotiable

Inspired by the classic Cuban Guayabanera shirt (also known as the Mexican wedding shirt), this lovely pink confection is a 1950s vintage classic. We love that it allows us to look and feel put together simply by putting it on. Want to put it in your closet? Contact the Thriftymamas at thriftonista@gmail.com. Mention #746 (This dress has a small barely noticeable stain on the hem-- easy to ignore or simply conceal by shortening hem.)

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